How to Watch Live UFC on IPTV For Free (2020 Guide)

In today’s date, it’s very easy to stay updated with your favorite sport. There are plenty of options to watching your favorite sports matches live from anywhere and anytime. UFC is one of them, it’s a well-liked sport with millions of fans from all around the world. In this article, we’ll be addressing the most common problem that most of the UFC fans have to go through. If you are IPTV user then you will like this post for sure because I will share some ways to watch UFC on IPTV  for free.

Nowadays, a lot of users prefer IPTV apps to watch their favorite Tv channels or Movies or Tv shows. Well, compared to the traditional cable Tv subscription, the IPTV subscriptions are very cheap and easy to access. But the major problem is that you cannot watch UFC matches on your IPTV because of certain reasons.

The major reason why UFC isn’t available on IPTV is that it’s a PPV (Pay Per View) event. So in order to watch such PPV events, you need to have PPV channels on your IPTV playlist which is quite rare to find. So, go ahead with the article to know how you can Watch UFC matches on IPTV.

Why You Need VPN To Watch UFC?

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Well, there are certain things that you should take care of first before making up your mind to watch UFC on IPTV. The very first thing that you need is an active VPN (Virtual Private Network) established a connection to mask yourself on the web.

In many cases, users from certain regions or countries aren’t allowed or cannot watch UFC due to various licensing issues. Therefore, you must have a VPN connection in order to remove all the geographical barriers to watch your favorite sport, UFC. A proper VPN connection would also help you in keeping your privacy safe on the internet. In case if you don’t Know, Your ISP (Internet service provider) & Government are monitoring your internet activity through your IP Address. Therefore, it’s an essential requirement to USE VPN. I have tested 20+ VPN and I Strongly recommend you to go with IPvanish VPN because it’s the fastest and most secure VPN to Stream Sports, movies & Tv shows. IPVanish will hide your identity and keep your online privacy safe. Our readers get an exclusive 46% off the Yearly Plan. Sign up here for IPVanish VPN.

Why You Need VPN for IPTV Streaming? – Solid Reasons

Secondly, you would have to find specific channels that have the license to broadcast UFC matches. You may refer to the channels that are mentioned below in this article. We’ve attached a couple of ways to watch UFC on IPTV.

Best IPTV Channels To Watch UFC (Live Online)

UFC on iptv

If you are also planning to watch UFC fight night via IPTV then I have good news for you. The methods provided below will also help you to watch UFC Fight night on IPTV.


direcTV UFC

DirecTv is the official broadcasting services for the majority of the sports. It’s basically a broadcast service provider where most of the channels and content revolve around the sports industry and anything related to it. Users can watch UFC Pay Per View events live on DirecTv without any delay or cuts in the broadcast.

In case, if you’re wondering, NO, you don’t have to purchase the device or setup box in order to watch UFC events. The DirecTv internet subscription would be more than enough to watch all the upcoming Pay Per View events of UFC.



Dazn is an on-demand subscription-based streaming service provider, operating in multiple countries. Having a subscription on Dazn would give you full flexibility and control to watch your favorite sport on any platform. Besides, you can share your account with multiple users and all of them can use it simultaneously without interrupting each other.

Dazn is one of the best ways to watch UFC on IPTV. Although it’s a streaming platform, the content emphasis is mainly around sports only. Therefore, you won’t have anything else to watch besides Sports and news. Go ahead and give it a try if you’re a fan of Sports and would like to stay updated with your favorite sport on the go.

Unofficial Way to Watch Live UFC on IPTV

If you’re an avid user of streaming applications, then chances are, you must have heard of Kodi somewhere along the line. It’s a software-based program that enables the user in streaming Media content on respective devices.

You can use some third party addons available for Kodi to watch UFC events via IPTV without having to pay anything. It may sound unrealistic, there is an addon which would allow you to watch any UFC event through IPTV for free at your comfort.


Before accessing these UFC add-ons, it’s our responsibility to let you know the risk involved in streaming such UFC IPTV and other PPV event. Most of the users are installing illegal Kodi addons to stream sports & UFC. But you know what? If your ISP found copyrighted and illegal streaming on your device, you will be in serious trouble. Hide your IP address and protect your identity by using a secured VPN. I am using IPVanish VPN from last 2 year and I suggest you to do the same to stay safe. Click here to get 46% off IPVanish VPN

Planet MMA: Kodi Addon

Planet MMA is an Addon exclusively made for Kodi, the addon can be installed within a few minutes and get it started. Planet MMA brings all the popular related to Sports industry in one place for free.

There are several others add ons available, however, Planet MMA is probably the only one where you would find all the content related to Sports. Especially, MMA and another boxing sort of Sports such as UFC & WWE.

This is the most easy way to watch UFC on Kodi IPTV for free, but it’s the only alternative available if you don’t wish to pay hefty charges for streaming services. Since it’s an unofficial way, we’d like to suggest our readers to use an IPvanish VPN connection before using the Planet MMA Addon for safety.

Other IPTV Kodi addons to Watch UFC (Worth Mentioning)

  • UFC Fight Pass
  • Sports World
  • White Devil Streams


After going through the entire article, you might find the process to watch UFC events a bit hectic. Of course, it requires some effort initially to set up things, but after that, you will have access to all the upcoming UFC pay per view events. In this article, we have demonstrated different methods to watch UFC on IPTV but In case, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the process, then use the comment section to reach us out.

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