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How to Watch NFL on IPTV For Free (2020)

This article is dedicated to all NFL lovers. I am a big fan of NFL game and today in this article I will share a depth guide on How to watch NFL on IPTV for free in 2020. I will also talk about some paid IPTV service which allows you to watch the NFL on your device. So let’s get started!

The 2019-2020 NFL season has begun on 5th September with a blast! It doesn’t matter what you are looking out for, whether college football or NFL pros, the game season is going to be double the fun and excitement as compared to the few previous years. It’s said that it’s College Football actually made the normal football popular among the public. Anyways, if that’s what most tend to say then there has to be some or the other point. Another good point about the season is that the live games take place after a lot of days and weeks which kind of adds a bit of curiosity and at the same time boredom in a few people’s minds.

In this article, we are going to focus on a variety of subjects but everything will be mainly related to the passion of your favorite sport, NFL. It doesn’t matter in which area or country you are in, today you will understand a few different ways through which you can legally stream NFL sports by sitting in any part of the globe. We will also be taking a look at Kodi, a service that brings to you content for free of cost. The struggling days of finding a good IPTV NFL stream ends right here!

Why You Should use VPN Before Streaming NFL on IPTV?

Alert IPTV Users…

If you are part of the west region then in most of the areas out there it’s free and legal to stream NFL games. But, if for some reason you are not in the supported regions and want to stream NFL games from the comfort of your own home then you can use a reliable VPN like IPVanish VPN. Also, even if you are streaming legally, the officials may assume with even with the slightest of evidence as proof that you are consuming content illegally. We never want you to play with the rules, but at times when you want to stream content, you have to go to such lengths but just remember that whatever you do, ascertain that it’s passed through a VPN so that you can stay out of unnecessary trouble. The first and foremost thing that a VPN can help you in is region switching. It will directly hider your IP address and make the connection look like it’s coming from some different parts of the world. If you are outside America for traveling purposes then you can use a VPN at a foreign residence also to stream your content free of cost. Another great advantage of a VPN is that it will encrypt your data which means that it will prevent your ISP or authorities from accessing your data.

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Best IPTV to Watch NFL Live in 2020

There are a lot of services out there through which you can legally steam NFL live telecasts. We have handpicked three of the best of the best NFL IPTV services that you would require to enjoy live content at your own pace. Let’s check them out:


DirecTv has mainly four subscription packages but the least one is of around $40 per month. You can come across local channels and ESPN. Also, let us remind you that the service doesn’t anymore offer RedZone, NFL Network, or NFL Sunday Ticket. If you are just starting out then the elementary package would be what you should be looking out for otherwise you may use a VPN and try to stream other networks by purchasing high subscription packages.


DAZN began its journey a few years back as a Europe-only IPTV service where it used to primarily only focus upon soccer and the similar sports. But when 2017 arrived, the service attained the status of over-the-top rights which gave it permission to stream NFL games to the Canadian audience. When it comes to the NFL, you will have almost everything including RedZone, Game Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, to name a few. But sadly if you aren’t located in Canada them you won’t be able to a part of this plan and the only way to access it is by using a VPN and selecting a reliable Canadian server with lesser latency. The per month and per year are $20 and $150 respectively. It also had a free trial that you definitely shouldn’t miss out.

Other lower Cost IPTV To Watch NFL 

If you are low on budget and plan to pay less then need not worry as we have a lot of options in stock for you to stream NFL on IPTV. YouTube TV just charges $40 per month and gives you privileges to stream ESPN, FOX, FOX SPORTS and CBS. Hulu Live also has pretty much the same cost as YouTube TV and in streaming, it provides you options from ESPN, NBC, CBS, and the NFL games too. Playstation Vue users can also stream the content depending upon the location. In all this, it’s important to note one thing that major of the content is region-specific so you can’t access the exclusive network and not always get your desired programming to tune in.

Watch NFL on IPTV Kodi (Free) – Unofficial Way

If you don’t like the white stuff, then the black is definitely waiting for you. Kodi is a free, open-source and legal media player that lets you install official and unofficial add one.  Just Kodi, won’t be able to help you to stream content instead it’s the addons that will make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite NFL games or get access to the RedZone Channel. Kodi works with almost every device out there including Windows, Linux, Android, to name a few. The only issue that may be encountered by you is that not all of the addons are available for every place so you would have to load into some other region through a VPN. Anyways, let’s take a look at the two addons that would help your stream your NFL season. lets learn how to watch NFL games via Kodi IPTV.

1) Sparkle

This is one of a kind addon as it directly picks live streaming links from Reddit where people are continuously posting their own stream links. Surprisingly, the speed and connectivity is quite fast and something that you should definitely look out for. Other than the NFL, there are many other games that you can find on the platform. It’s advised to use a VPN as it will help you to stay anonymous and minimize the risk of getting caught.

2) NetStreams SportsHUB

As the name suggests, NetStreams SportsHUB is all about sports content. There is a variety of content that you can look out for other than just your NFL games. You have your football, basketball, etc that you can stream whenever and wherever you want. As compared to the others, the app interface may seem a bit clumsy but trust us the choice of selection is abundance which you may get find in most others. While you are streaming, mind the international laws and rights that concern with you.

Stay Safe with IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is one of the most popular and top leading VPN provider that has 1300+ servers across 75+ places worldwide. The limit to content libraries is infinite so without any issue, you can easily stream anything from anywhere. It provides unlimited bandwidth, speed and has no sort of file restrictions. It also follows the zero-logging policy with the help of which you can stream content without the tension of getting into any sort of legal trouble. Also, when it comes down to security, you can be assured that you are totally safe as these guys follow the 256-bit AES encryption.


Here we came to end this article about how to watch NFL on IPTV. The days of cable subscriptions are gone and today you can access your favorite content right through your Internet only. It’s not that easy to stream every content in every other place out there due to geographical restrictions but yes that can be bypassed with the help of a good and reliable VPN like IPVanish. So, go ahead and watch your favorite NFL content by staying secure over the Internet.


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