How to Watch IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360

IPTV is a technology that enables the transmission of TV signals over the Internet, ensuring not only sound and picture quality, but also giving users extra features in interactivity and exciting possibilities such as on-demand consumption. Apart from Android, iOS and Windows Pc, you can install IPTV on your gaming consoles such as XBOX ONE and XBOX 360. In this guide, I will show you how to install & Watch IPTV on Xbox one & Xbox 360 in a few simple steps.

Even if your connection meets the minimum video performance requirements, IPTV offers some technical advantages in ensuring quality picture and sound delivery and good performance. Developed as an on-demand alternative, IPTV is associated with consumption primarily on TV sets and set-top boxes. Although it is possible to access TV signals on computers and other devices such as gaming consoles with IPTV software. The great advantage of an IPTV over a TV channel that you can simply watch the live streaming from your Internet browser.

How to Watch IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Just follow these simple steps to watch IPTV channels on your Xbox:

  • In the first step, connect your Xbox console to your TV.
  • Browse to the Xbox Live Store and download Kodi Media Player.

Kodi on xbox one

  • After installation, launch the Kodi app and select addons.

IPTV for xbox 360

  • Now Select Package Installer

how to put iptv on xbox one

  • Click on Install from repository
  • Select Kodi Addon Repository

iptv xbox one

  • Click On PVR Clients

xbox iptv

  • Scroll down until you find PVR IPTV Simple Client

xbox one iptv

  • Select PVR Simple IPTV Client and Click on Install to begin the installation process.
  • Within a few minutes, the IPTV client will be installed on your Kodi Media Player.
  • After installation, right-click the PVR Simple client and select the Info menu.
  • Now Click on Configure option.

xbox one iptv m3u

  • Now Open PVR Client and Go to General menu then change location to “Remote Path

iptv app for xbox one

  • Now enter the M3U URL you received from the IPTV Service provider and Click OK. (Check – Fluxus IPTV Playlist)
  • Keep waiting unless you get “uploaded channels” notification.
  • That’s all! Now you are ready to Watch IPTV on Xbox one.

Important Note:  I have used the latest Kodi 18.3 Version on my Xbox one to install PVR Clients. It is the stable version of Kodi and I recommend you to use the same. 

Apart from installing IPTV on your gaming consoles, it is also good to know the basic requirements to use One Guide. To be able to use, you will need,

  • The satellite decoder or HDMI cable or USB Tuner for XBOX.
  • An Xbox Live connection to download information about One Guide’s channel repertoire.
  • A Kinect sensor or infrared emitter cable.
  • Connect the console to the home theatre.
  • Before you set up One Guide, make sure your console is properly connected to your home theatre system and ready for live TV.

Live Streaming IPTV Channels on XBOX

Check out the list of required apps for device owners.

You tube

Google has a version dedicated to the Xbox console. The app well covers the needs of those who want to watch content without being in front of the computer. You can also log in to your account and get access to favorite videos, personalized suggestions, and some other options.

Upload Studio

Upload Studio is the console’s video manipulation application. With it, you can edit, trim, add effects and voice/video recordings to clips captured by the console. The app even allows users to upload files to One Drive, Microsoft’s storage site. That way, videos can be downloaded to a computer or gadget.


The world’s most popular subscription streaming service also has room on Xbox One & Xbox 360. Entitled to one of the best versions of the app which is also featured on dozens of other devices. Subscribers have unlimited access to Netflix’s huge catalog of movies, series, and documentaries, all broadcasted in high resolution.

Media player

A recent addition to the Xbox One playlist, Media Player allows users to play video, music, and photo files on the console using USB ports and external devices. Just add the files to an external flash drive or hard drive and plug in the console to enjoy the content. Compatibility is wide, including the most popular formats.


Recently acquired by giant Amazon, Twitch has also won a version for Xbox Console. In the app, players can stream their matches live across the internet via a link. Also, it can watch broadcasts of thousands of channels, conveniently separated by games and platforms of interest.

Watch IPTV channels On Xbox One, Xbox 360, Phone & Windows using MyIPTV Player (Video Tutorial)

Final Verdict

In this post, I have demonstrated how to install and watch IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360. We have used Kodi Media player to set up IPTV for Xbox one because Kodi is open-source software and one of the best way to stream IPTV channels. keep visiting for more updates. If you have still any doubt then feel free to comment down.

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