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How to Setup IPTV on Kodi With PVR IPTV Simple Client

If you are looking to get IPTV on Kodi through PVR IPTV Simple client then you have arrived at the right place. The PVR (Personal Video Recorder) IPTV Simple Client lets you watch live TV and stream Internet radio on Kodi. The functioning is based on the M3U list. An individual has to directly upload the files onto the device that he/she plans to run on, now that can be your Fire Stick, Mac, Android, to name a few.

Once the addon has been installed, the users will be able to stream Live TV via IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) sources that are situated across the globe. Other than live TV, you have access to EPGs (Electronic Programme Guides) and Internet radio too. In this piece of content, we will be focusing upon the way through which you can setup IPTV on Kodi using PVR IPTV Simple Client.

How to Stream IPTV on Kodi? – Kodi IPTV Setup

First Install A Strong VPN!

Before we begin to the actual process of setting up things, it’s important that you get a VPN up and running. Kodi is just like a torrent, a legal software but its uses can go up to a lot of illegal ways like streaming content from sources like IPTV. In fact, many users have faced legal notices for the same thing. The proper way to avoid any sort of trouble is by installing a VPN. The VPN will make your connection secure and appear anonymous by encrypting the data. In the market, you can find a lot of VPNs but the issue is choosing the right one among all. Well, just ascertain that a VPN is ticked on these factors and you are good to go: upgraded privacy settings, fast connection speed, simple to use, and no sort of restrictions.

Steps to Setup IPTV on Kodi With PVR IPTV Simple Client 

If you thought that installing and setting up of PVR IPTV Simple Client on Kodi was just like any other addon then it’s time to rethink as the procedure is quite different than the usual way. No matter how hard or new the procedure is, we make sure that it’s presented to you in an easy to understand manner as then only you will be able to implement it with ease. Just follow the below steps carefully:

  • Open your Kodi and select Add-ons
  • Click on Install From the repository

iptv kodi

  • Click on PVR Clients & choose PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • Click on Install and wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  • Now go to home screen and select add-ons

pvr iptv simple client

  • Now, choose My Add-ons and keep scrolling until you find PVR Clients.

kodi pvr client

  • Once you have landed on it, click on it and proceed by choosing PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  • Now, choose Configure. From here, things start to take a turn into a little complication so ascertain that you follow the below steps very carefully.

pvr iptv simple client url

  • If you have got a direct URL that connects with your M3U list then ascertain that the screen reads Remote Path (Internet Address). After this, choose the area where it reads, M3U Play List URL. You should be displayed with a text box, enter your working URL of the M3U list in it. On the other side, if you already have the M3U list on your streaming device, then search for Remote Path (Internet Address and select the up or down arrow which would be on side of it. Keep clicking until it doesn’t change to Local Path (including Local Network) Choose M3U Play List Path and input the location of your M3U playlist file. Finally, terminate the process by tapping on ok.

how to install iptv on kodi

  • The list would now be uploaded and for the channels to be reflected in the system, you would have to manually restart your device.
  • The next time you feel to watch any channel, head to your Kodi screen, choose the TV option, and you should be able to enjoy all of the available live TV channels and other sorts of content that is available in your playlist.

How can I Watch IPTV on Kodi through Addons?

We are sure that if you are somewhat new in all this game of add-ons then you would also be wondering what are the best addons to watch IPTV for Kodi. It may sound complicated by the name, but the addons are really good to watch VOD movies, sports, Tv series, and live events.

List of Best IPTV Kodi addons (2019)

  • BBC IPlayer
  • CCloud TV
  • Ultimate IPTV
  • Gears TV 9 (paid)
  • LiteIPTV (paid)


We hope that the article would have taught you the correct way to implement IPTV on Kodi via the PVR IPTV Simple Client. Our aim was to present things in an as simple manner as possible as we are pretty aware of the fact that our reader base constitutes of all kinds of people right from novice to advanced in terms of the technical aspects. Anyways, if you have any further doubts or suggestions for some great playlists then you can let us know in the comments box below.

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