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Best Live IPTV Apps to Watch Live TV on Android

In this article, I will share an updated list of Best IPTV Apps for Android devices. You can use these Live IPTV apps on your Smart TV & Android smartphones to watch Live TV online.

Cable TV guarantees a bit of variety and quality in programming for those who still have the television as their primary mode of entertainment. But with the popularization of smartphones, expensive TV operators increasingly lose viewers to other avenues such as IPTV. The Satellite Internet Protocol (IPTV) is a channel transmission mode for smart TVs and other devices. It would be more or less like VOIP. But instead of phone calls, it spreads programming.

How IPTV Works?

The service used to be offered through TV Boxes, similar to cable TV decoders. Run-on an Android system capable of reading and playing pre-installed channel lists. With Android TVs and new mobile devices with large memory and storage capacities, all you need is an app and an M3U channel list. Installation can be a bit tricky (almost impossible for basic users). But, IPTV offers more pay and open channels compared to traditional TV. And deserves a chance. They offer ready-to-use accounts for prices much lower than usual service. In this case, you don’t even have to download the lists which are already added and updated by default.

But, what are the best IPTV apps to use? Because there are tons of fake Live IPTV apps available in the market.  Today, we give you the 5 best free apps to watch Live IPTV on your Android or iOS devices. Keep reading.

Best Live IPTV Apps for Android & Smart TV 

We have compiled a list of IPTV apps for android, you can choose the app from below list and follow our previous guide to Install Live IPTV apps on your Smart TV.


 Live IPTV

The first of the IPTV apps is Go IPTV M3U. It is one best IPTV apps available for android users. Go IPTV M3U is a zero-cost resource available for both Android and iOS that allows you to view any IPTV playlist. It also integrates the last channel autoplay and TV guide for international channels. According to need, the playlist can be uploaded via FTP, via HTTP Server and a link in M3U format.

To use it, download the Go IPTV m3u app from a trusted source, install and start the app on your device. Then press the “+” button at the top right to add the links to the playlists from which you want to take the channels. Then type the name of the playlist and the relative link. Then wait for the channel loading to complete and press OK. In short, try it now and you’ll see that you won’t regret it.

IP Television – IPTV M3U

It is also a Live IPTV app available for Android and iOS, allows you to watch television on mobile devices by exploiting the “power” of the Web. What sets it apart from other apps more than anything else is its user interface, very well maintained and appealing. For the rest, it’s quite simple to use. It allows you to add lists of channels in all possible ways and has a player full of options. It is not free, costs 1.19 dollars on Android and 2.29 dollars on iOS. And besides, to remove the advertisement, you must perform the in-app purchases.

To use it, download the app from a trusted source, install and start the application on your device, then press the “+” button at the top right of the IP Television screen – IPTV M3U dedicated to playlists. And choose how to load the list between – Upload manually, Xtream Code, Automatic Loading or Paste M3U. Then enter the requested information and confirm the choice made.


best IPTV apps

GSE Smart IPTV is one of the most popular free IPTV apps for android & iOS Device. Thanks to streaming lists in M3U or JSON format, it allows you to watch, Live IPTV Channels, TV channels completely free. They can be loaded via HTTP or FTP links and it all comes down to a very intuitive interface. It offers EPG viewing for TV guide and an integrated player full of commands. You can broadcast the content from the phone to the TV using a Chrome cast or direct stream to Apple TV. It is different from other apps. Simple and minimal from a graphics point of view. It integrates a free channel viewing system with Google Material Design style menus. Capable of broadcasting the contents of its channel list on a variety of devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chrome cast and TV Cast Web Player.

To use it, download, install and start the app on your device. Then you’ll find yourself in front of the GSE SMART IPTV main screen with some lists of demonstration channels. To add customized ones, stop at the icon with the three lines horizontally at the top left and choose how you want to add the channels – Copy and paste, Load IPTV m3u playlist with FTP, Load playlist CN HTTP, etc. Then fill in the fields on the screen with the requested info and it’s done.

IPTV Extreme app

iptv apps for android

IPTV Extreme is an application to watch Live IPTV contents on Android that works through playlists in m3u format. That is a type of files that contain IP addresses of channel broadcasts. The operation is very simple. You must find a list of channels and then load it into the app to start watching free TV without restrictions. Thanks to its integrated player now watching live streaming are hassle-free. As a user you can choose your own television experience, having the possibility of uploading lists by theme (sports, cinema, series, and documentaries) or by geographical area or country. Other utilities of IPTV Extreme that also stand out are:

  • Chrome cast support
  • Automatic TV guide update
  • Real-time recording
  • Parental control
  • Program Reminders

Download IPTV Extreme app now and start enjoying thousands of channels from all over the world.

IPTV Android app

A name that offers a guarantee for an app with the best graphic interface ever. More than 10 million users have already chosen it. Among its prominent features, there are frequent updates, speed, top-level player and M3U and XSPF list support with EPG and selective display system (grid, list, and titles). In case of error or disconnection, it automatically reconnects.

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Final Words

IPTV indicates the next-generation platform for TV viewing on the Internet. It does not pass through antennas or decoders but travels through the signals of the fixed or mobile network. Thanks to services and IPTV apps available on PC and smartphone, it is possible to see everything without paying anything. The solution to our thirst for programs comes with the best free Live IPTV Apps that you can download directly from Google’s Play Store or Apple store.

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