Top 5 Best IPTV For Linux (2020) With Installation Tutorials

Technology has boosted the entertainment provided by the Television set into our mobile phones and IPTV made this possible. With the introduction of IPTV, various companies have been striving to provide the best experiences for users through media players. Not one player exists that can do well in all operating systems. Some players are designed for a particular OS. Today in this post we will share Top 5 Best IPTV For Linux Installation Tutorials.

IPTV on Linux

IPTV is fun for everyone but not everyone is Windows or a Mac user. If you are a Linux user we are here to help you. One can enjoy all the comforts that the IPTV providers through Linux too but with some of the best players, it is more simple and effective. Hence, we will be providing you with some of the best free open source and user-friendly applications available.

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Top 5 Best IPTV For Linux iptv for lunux

IPTV LinuxWhat are the Best IPTV players for Linux? Knowing what players are suitable for IPTV on Linux platform is very crucial for our simplistic approach towards the available technology. Hence the best five Linux IPTV players will be provided below.

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1) FreeTUXTV

lnux iptv 2019

FreeTUXTV is also one of the best IPTV for Linux user. It can stream live TV shows on your system. One can also choose to record the shows to be watched later. It is available in more than 21 languages.

How to download FreeTUXTV

  • Open your browser on your Linux system and search FreeTUXTV on the search bar and then find the official page to download the application
  • followed by its installation.
  • You can now select the m3u playlist you would like to watch.
  • Next, open the installed FreeTUXTV app on your Linux system.
  • Search for the URL and click search.
  • The player would have started playing the channels by now.

2) IPTVx

IPTVx is one of the open-source players designed for IPTV on Linux platform. This streamer was developed using the C programming for Linux OS. But this player is different in many aspects. A user can choose to record his/her favorite shows so that it can be watched later at a more convenient time. This is of most relevance in the busy world that we live in. This player can stream live TV channels from widely varying sources. Follow the below steps to download IPTVx on your Linux.

How to download IPTVx

  • Open your browser on your Linux system and type the link. ‘’ and click search.
  • Once the page appears, find the option Download and choose it.
  • Once the file is downloaded, proceed to open it and follow each step until the installation is complete.
  • You can now open the app.
  • Find the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) section where you can find the channels.
  • Select the channel of your desire.

3) Miro

best iptv for linux os

Miro would the next IPTV media player to be introduced for a Linux system user. This application can stream from a wide variety of sources. Like some of the previously introduced media players, miro too can be used to download the content that you stream. The most interesting feature of this player would be its ability to handle all video formats without causing any trouble. It also has the highest HD content when compared to the other players designed for Linux.

How to Download Miro

  • Go to your browser on your Linux system and then search for the link ‘’ and then click search.
  • Find the Download option on the page.
  • Download the file and then proceed with the corresponding installation procedure.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the application on your Linux system.
  • You can find and type the URL or the m3u playlist for the content that you wish to watch.
  • Your search results will be displayed.
  • Choose from the list that which you wish to watch.

4) VLC

linux iptv players

When it comes to the best IPTV for Linux, VLC media player also makes a place. VLC is one open-source media player that needs no introduction. It is widely used and it can be used in Linux system too. VLC is very famous for its user-friendly approach, hiding its complexity.

How to download VLC

  • You can easily download and install VLC player. To do that search for “” on your browser.
  • Download the file corresponding to the VLC player and then proceed with all the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the application and the homepage will appear.
  • In the homepage, find the option ‘Media’.
  • In the resulting page, select the option ‘Open Network Streams’.
  • Now you can see a search bar. Type the URL of the content that you want to watch.
  • Tap on the play to start watching.

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5) Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu TV is the fifth of our list. This is also one of the most users friendly IPTV for Linux. Unbuntu TV helps you to watch your favourite TV shows and it allows a user to stream contents for free. It is designed to be the most simplistic as a player can get. It provides the advantage to sync your other devices so that you can always resume your shows and movies from where you left. Downloading Ubuntu TV is just as easy as any other applications on our mobile phones.

How to download Ubuntu TV

  • Go to the web browser on your Linux system and type the link ‘’ on the search bar and search for the results.
  • Find the Download option in the corresponding page and download the file.
  • Once done go to open the file and follow all the steps to install the application on your system.
  • Open the Ubuntu TV application on your system.
  • Choose the section corresponding to movies or TV channels according to your desire.
  • Lastly, you can select a channel and enjoy the player.

Wrapping Up

We have provided details of some Top IPTV for Linux, filtering out the best of the best. You should be able to start enjoying IPTV by now. But you can always write to us in case of any queries.

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