Best Free IPTV APK Download For Android

Back in the days, people used to spend hours in front of their television screen, waiting for their favorite show to be aired. In Today’s date, it’s not really feasible for people to stick with their Television screens. Well, in recent times, several IPTV based applications have been launched in the market that allows you to watch your favorite Tv Channels for free of cost without any restrictions. In this post, I will share a list of free IPTV APK for Android, iOS, PC and Fire TV Device.

IPTV based applications come with various Tv Channels that can be watched live from anywhere and anytime using your Android device. However, the only problem that you may encounter is in finding a reliable and secure application. As you may realize, the market is quite saturated, so it won’t be easy to find a reliable Free IPTV Apk to watch live Tv Channels for free. I have tried many IPTV apps and found a few of them working like charm. So today in this post I will share a complete list of Best Free IPTV APK for android device. Now you don’t have to waste your time by searching iptv apk on various site. I have made a complete list to download IPTV APK for your device. Let’s get started.

Features Of IPTV Apk

In case, if you’re still looking for a reason to download the IPTV Apk on your Android, then go through the following list of features.

  • Watch Live Tv Channels of multiple countries from a single app on your Android.
  • No Need to Register or waste time completing Surveys to get started in the App.
  • The App is completely free from purchases, you don’t have to pay a single penny.
  • It comes with a simplistic and easy to navigate user-interface for Android devices.
  • View Tv channels in List, Grid or Tile format on your Android device.
  • Reconnects automatically to the streaming server when a connection is closed unexpectedly.
  • Supports both M3U and XSPF playlists without any issues.

Top 5 Best Free IPTV Apk for Android (2020)

free iptv apk

There are numerous free IPTV apk available on the internet and it becomes difficult when we have to choose the one. So, as a result, we have made a list of Best IPTV APK to watch IPTV Channels online. Go through the below list of IPTV apps and i can guarantee, you won’t regret it!

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Coming from an indie developer who goes by the name of Alexander Sofronov, it’s the perfect app if you would like to watch Live Tv Channels on your Android device. It basically acts like a multimedia player, that requires an M3u or Xspf playlist to stream Tv channels on your device. The App is quite flawlessly and smooth on Android devices and has received well by its user in the Google Play Store. The Pro version of the IPTV Apk removes all the advertisements and comes with premium features like Auto Reconnect, Auto Start on Boot, etc.

Note: M3u playlist basically works like a pointer for media players to stream video or audio.

Live Net Tv

livenet tv iptv

If you’re looking for a free IPTV App that offers an extensive range of Live Tv Channels, then Live Net Tv would be the best option. It’s a robust yet minimalistic app that has over 800+ popular Tv channels to watch. The library of Tv Channels in the app is updated on a regular basis. Users can use their desired Media Player to stream the content on their devices without any limitations. You can also request a specific Tv channel to be added in the app. Live Net Tv is quite popular among sports fan since most of its channel are related to sports and news.

Ola Tv

Ola Tv is probably the only IPTV APK that has a list of over 5000+ Live Tv channels in its library. The process of getting started with Ola Tv is quite simple, you just need to download the app and select a Tv channel to start watching, that’s all! The app isn’t limited to just Android, it supports a lot more platforms like Firestick, Android Tv, etc. Ola Tv boasts a simple and straightforward interface, which is very helpful in finding your desired Tv Channel. You may add Tv Channels to your favorites to easily access them later.


aos free iptv apk

Since its inception, the developers have released a countless number of patches and updates to make sure the app works exceptionally great on any Android device. AOS Tv can stream live Tv channels in full HD format without lagging much, unlike other apps. The number of Live Tv channels you’d find in the AOS Tv might be limited, but the app is designed to deliver great performance. It’s a solid app to watch your favorite Tv Channels for free of cost without any complications on your android device. You will have full access to national and international Tv channels as soon as you download and open the App on your device.

Relax Tv

Relax Tv is an excellent source for streaming Live Tv channels from all over the world over the internet. Most of the trending or popular Tv channels are placed in a neat manner on the homepage of the app. You just need to tap over a channel to start streaming it on your device.

The app does not require you to sign up or force you to download any additional media players for streaming Tv channels. Also, it does not interrupt with intrusive advertisements like other apps. Overall, the app is very user-centric and has been designed by keeping the same in mind.


Well, that’s pretty much all we’ve got for this article. The app that has been mentioned in the article are all IPTV based and are completely free of cost. You can download these latest Free IPTV APK of 2020 whenever you want on your device and start watching your favorite Tv channels live from anywhere. Just make sure you have decent internet connectivity to have an interruption-free experience.

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