Beast TV IPTV on FireStick

Beast TV IPTV on FireStick


Exploring the world of unlimited streaming on a wider screen is something that we all dreamt about. It is not always about finding the best resources only but it also about the secure one. If you are a FireStick user and are currently looking for one of the finest IPTV resources for improving your user experience, this article is going to be a super cool help for you. We are going to discuss one of the leading IPTV resources for FireStick here i.e. Beast TV IPTV in detail such as what exactly is it, how to install it, and how to use it, etc.


What is Beast TV IPTV on FireStick?


Beast TV IPTV is one of the finest IPTV providers being available in the market that is providing more than 2500 channels all across the world. Doesn’t matter whether you are willing to stream from countries like the UK or you are wanted to watch content from Germany all will be streamed on your screen at very affordable pricing. One can easily start accessing the services just at the cost of $15 per month. Quality and Quantity both are assured here.


Users can enjoy both HD and SD channels seamlessly. Beast TV IPTV is an android based application that can also work effectively on iOS, Windows, MAG Devices, and Kodi as well. In case if you have gone fed up using those annoying cable connections, it is the solid option that can provide you seamless live TV and on-demand movies without any hassle.


Features of Beast TV IPTV


Features are an important section for exploring any tool out there. If you are willing to use an IPTV app, it needed to be secure and affordable enough so that one can easily get access to it. The main features of Beast TV IPTV are:

  • Beast TV IPTV for FireStick offers seamless access over more than 2500 channels worldwide.
  • One can easily get access over 4 connections simultaneously on every subscription package.
  • One can easily get subscribe to it and can start accessing it just at the cost of $15 per month.
  • Beast TV IPTV for FireStick is a remote-friendly app that makes access even much easier.
  • This IPTV comes up with a free EPG/TV guide for every subscription package.
  • Beast TV provides users 24*7 customer support without any failure.
  • The IPTV comes up with several sports packages options and hence makes it a wonderful app for the sports lovers.
  • Beast TV can be effortlessly used on Amazon FireStick, Android TV boxes, Smart Android TVs and Android Mobiles, etc.
  • It offers seamless support for the MAG devices also.
  • One can effortlessly use and access Beast TV IPTV on their Windows devices and Web Player also.


Why use a VPN while accessing Beast TV IPTV?


The IP address of the user usually gets exposed while streaming online. Hence it gets very easy for Internet Service Providers, government agencies, app developers, and hackers, etc to track down our online activities without getting any difficulty. Seems to be threatening, right? Yes, it is. One can be easily dragged into legal issues through copyrighted content. Moreover, hackers can also misuse your IP address and can cause a serious threat to your privacy as well.


The only thing that can save you at this moment is a suitable VPN. VPN is designed to hide up your real identity by creating a mask over it. Whenever you will stream to a website or content using VPN, the IP address will be shown there will not be yours. The usage of VPN has secured one’s streaming process and has made it an absolute platform for everyone to work on. VPNs are quite helpful for accessing media from some geo-restricted locations as well. For example, if you are living in a location where apps or services like Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Hulu, or BBCiPlayer are restricted, you can easily get access over the same just by using a secure VPN connection.


How to sign up for the Beast TV IPTV account?


The very first thing you need to do for getting access over is to register your self to Beast TV IPTV and get a subscription here. You have to make a secure sign in here and for doing that the only things you have to do are:

  • Launch your web browser and then search for the URL: the search bar.
  • A new windows page will be displayed on your home screen showing up the different Beast TV price plans you can go along with and these are: $15 per month, $40 plan valid for 3 months, and $70 plan valid for 6 months. You can choose anyone from the given above to get started with. All of the three plans being mentioned above have almost the same features excluding the period. Each plan offers users simultaneous access over 4 connections and 1 MAC connection. We prefer you to go with the monthly plan as it offers you value for money access.
  • Once you have selected the subscription plan, you will be launched to the next windows page now. Just select your username and password here. The username and password you are going to use here are necessary credentials for getting access over the related app so make the details safe by writing these somewhere else.
  • Once done, tap to Continue with the process.
  • Review the details being mentioned on the next page and then press the Checkout button if you find them ok.
  • You have to enter your registration information such as your name, email address, phone number, and address on the checkout page. Make sure to fill in the details accurately.
  • Once done, scroll down the list and find out the Account Security section is mentioned there.
  • Now, select a password for accessing online accounts here.
  • Go through the payment section and then check the box I have read and agree to the Terms and Services column.
  • Tap on the Complete Order option to go further with the process.
  • You will be next asked to enter your PayPal account details here for accomplishing the transaction.


How to download and install Beast TV IPTV on FireStick?


Once you have registered successfully to the Beast TV IPTV and got a subscription here next you have to install it on your FireStick for accessing it smoothly. As we know the thing that Beast TV IPTV is a third-party option for Amazon FireStick you need to enable Apps from Unknown Sources for enabling successful installation first.

  • Launch your FireStick TV IPTV and then go to the Settings option being present in the menu bar option of the home screen.
  • You can now see a list of different options out there. Just scroll on to find and open the My Fire TV from there.
  • Once done tap on the Developer Options to go further with the process.
  • Nest tap on the Apps from Unknown Sources to enable it. If it is already On you can skip this process.
  • A warning prompt message will be generated on the home screen of your FireStick. Just tap on the Turn On section as it is a safe app and is not going to create a security threat to your device.
  • Once you have successfully enabled the third-party access on your device, next get set with the installation process. Get back to the Home Screen of FireStick again and then search for the lens icon being present there on the page.
  • Enter the name Downloader in the search bar for sideloading Beast TV IPTV on your FireStick.
  • Make sure to follow on the onscreen options being provided over there for enabling the successful installation of the Downloader app on your FireStick.
  • Once done, now run the Downloader app on your device and then add URL: http://apkbeastiptv.comin the search bar.
  • Next, tap on the Go button and wait till the downloading process gets accomplished.
  • The process will get accomplished in just a few seconds and once done; you will be intimated through a popup window on your screen for the same.
  • Next, tap on the Install button being present there on the popup window and wait patiently for accomplishing it.
  • Once done with the installation process successfully, you can run the Beast TV app on your FireStick you can tap on the Open button for launching it.
  • Delete the APL file you just have downloaded to remove the extra burden from your FireStick memory and once done tap on Done to confirm it.
  • Tap on Done and followed by tapping on the Delete button being present there on the prompt.
  • Press the Delete button again to go continue with the process.
  • You have successfully installed the Beast TV IPTV on your FireStick device now.


How to use Beast TV IPTV on FireStick?


Once you have successfully done with the installation of Beast TV IPTV, you can start accessing it immediately without having any issues. The only things you have to do for continuing the process are:

  • Launch your Amazon FireStick.
  • Scroll down the options being present there on your home screen and then select Your Apps &n Channels segment from there.
  • Make use of left Navigation key for opening up See All segment from there.
  • Scroll down the list to find out the Beast TV app and once found open it up go further with the process.
  • In case if you are willing to move the app to the home screen just tap on the three lines option being present there on your FireStick remote.
  • A popup message will be displayed on your home screen.
  • Just tap on the Move button for moving the app on the first row.
  • For logging in to your Beast TV IPTV account, just get back to the home screen of your Amazon FireStick device again and then tap on the Open button for launching it.
  • Tap on the Add Account option and once done with it add your login credentials very carefully for ensuring secure login. You have to add your name, username, and password here.
  • Once done with it successfully, now tap on the Add Account button to continue with the given process successfully.


How to reset or recover your Beast TV IPTV password?


Whether you have lost your Beast TV IPTV password or you are willing to reset it for some other reasons, you can easily get access over it. Before proceeding further, we would like to remind you here that there are two types of login credentials associated with usage of an IPTV for FireStick service: Online account password and APK/App password.

The reset or recovery process of the password we are going to provide below specifically belongs to the online account and the things you have to here are:

  • Launch your web browser and then make a secure login to your online account at URL:
  • In case if you have forgotten it, just tap on the Forgot Password option and then enter the email address you have submitted at the time of registration in the provided column very carefully.
  • An email will be delivered on you provided email ID including password reset link. Just tap on it for finally resetting your password.
  • Bingo! You have successfully done with the changing of your online Beast TV IPTV account password now.




Streaming online was surely not possible until the discovery of smart devices in the market. The leading technology has brought everyone on the edge where they can get access over preferred online content without any hassle. Platforms like FireStick and Kodi are in great demand these days and the reason is the ease of usage and streaming of content on a wider screen they offer to the users. One needs to make use of IPTV services on their FireStick devices for extending their access but to get the best one is a daunting task.


The guide is specifically being designed to introduce you with one of the leading IPTV sources in the market and that is Beast TV IPTV. Beast TV IPTV is a great way to get relief from corded cable connections. Every subscription here brings you the opportunity of getting access to over 4 devices simultaneously. It is one of the finest IPTV sources that provide access over Playlist and EPG URLs also. If you are currently looking forward to one of the affordable IPTV sources at this moment, Beast TV IPTV is surely the one you must try your hands on.


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